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Newborn Safety

First and foremost safety is of the utmost importance to me.   My techniques will NEVER compromise the safety and well-being of your sweet little baby.                            Composting

 You are always welcome to be present and to see what is happening in the studio at all times.     

While I do create amazing art with your little newborn being the center of attention I take great pride in creating a SAFE environment for you and your newborn.  

  • I NEVER use props that are made of glass or any breakable materials.
  • I NEVER use props that have any protruding sharp edges.
  • If I use a basket, crate, box, etc to place your baby into a scene I always make sure that prop is properly weighted from the bottom and that it is padded, heated up and ready for your little one to safely curl up in.
  • I ALWAYS have an assistant that is close by to your newborn at all times.  Your baby is NEVER left alone at any time.  I understand that all newborns have reflexes and that at any time they can lunge unexpectedly.  
  • Many of the more complex poses actually come from me compositing two or more images together (via photoshop) and creating the final image.  This is so that my assistant can have a supporting hand on your baby’s head and body as needed.
  • I realize that not every baby likes to curl and tuck in the same way, so I stay tuned to your little ones’ comfort level at all time.  I will NEVER force a pose,  I prefer them to be relaxed, warm, cozy and natural.
  • I watch their little limbs to make sure that circulation is not compromised for the sake of a pose.
  • I keep the studio nice and warm and even pre-heat each set for your little one before they arrive.
  • I clean and sanitize everything I use before & after every newborn session.  

Please let me know if at any point you feel uncomfortable or concerned about anything during your newborn portrait session.   I truly want you to love your Newborn Art, I want your experience here at SP to be a happy and safe environment at all times.   


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