The Baby Registry

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Baby Registry...

Our baby registry was created so that gift givers could purchase something that is truly memorable and meaningful for expectant parents. These little bundles of joy grow so quickly and while the cute little outfits and adorable little shoes will eventually be outgrown and stored away, the gift of Newborn Portraiture will be a treasured gift forever.   


How it works...

Our baby registry is a complementary service that we provide to expectant parents who plan on booking their Newborn Session or Baby Collection here at Specialty Photography.  Once mom and dad have booked their newborn session and completed the Baby Registry form below, we will provide them with all the information they need to share their registry with friends and family.  We provide beautiful registry cards to be included in shower invitations and store all the information of gift certificate purchases so that writing thank you notes is super easy!


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Gift giver may purchase gift certificates by Clicking Here


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